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MAVI MELEK II   //  BLUE ANGEL II   //  2016

Video-Performances  //  Installation

2:18 min

Double video performance @ Casa de Velazquez, Madrid, Spain.

Video credits : Romuald Jandolo


Video diptych projected on a book.



The  double  video-performances     MAVI MELEK II 

illustrates a conflicting dichotomy in wearing the symbolic “princess dress”. In the first performance (left), the dress and its weight are accepted; she decides to succumb, to embrace and not to fight against the natural elements. As a result, the dress holds her in the water, floating.

The second performance (right), illustrates the result of internal and physical struggle; fighting the dress itself and resisting natural elements, using strength to move forward trying to get out of the water. Both performances explore perspectives of desire and rejection, and evolution of each within this mythical dress.

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