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MAVI MELEK   / Blue Angel  //   2016

The starting inspiration came from “Der blaue Engel“, 1930 (The Blue Angel), Marlene Dietrich’s first film. Dietrich is one of the most famous feminine icons of the 1930s silver screen cinema, she is the embodiment of glamour, yet continues to exude mystery and define strength in femininity well into present day. Blue is the prominent color-element in my work, due to it’s presence in my personal memory and narrative, The blue thread that connects all of my artworks, is a journey through the image, which recounts the different stories of women joined in collective memory.

The social, political and cultural legacy of our various iconic feminine experiences inspire our generation and inform representations which remain inexorably tied to our various individual and collective memories. Here, the women embodying these experiences are the Blue Angels.

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