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We navigate through the waters of our [re]constituted memory.

We travel through an initiatory voyage of [re]discovering a 

[trans]ported history, a [re]composed identity,

the inheritance of our [re]transmitted origins.


The image,[re]collected,[re]created 

[re]forms an iconographic library 

proving our constant evolution.

Photographic and [audio]visual archives, 

become visual organic samples,

digital reminiscences and material traces of 

our memory struggling against oblivion. 

Image[s] are [re]transformed,

[un]veiled, [re]interpreted

between fiction and reality.

Image[s] were archive[s],

Image[s] are archive[s],

relic[s] of our experiences.

In the perpetual conflict of my cultural origins, 

I [re]transcribe in my works a duality [inter]woven 

to the identity [in]quest of our [inter]mixes.

I [re]delve into the narrations of 

my individual memory in search of 

iconoclastic legends and mythological tales.

Through this inquiry,

I'm [re]founding my personal mythology by

[re]injecting [new]archives into the collective memory,

[re]building fragments of the universal history.

It gives us a world to [re]view and 

perceive through its investigations, 

its [con]quest for Immortality.

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