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GOLDDESS  _   2017 - 2019


In the year 2017,

a new female entity, a new kind of divinity

is born,


The essence of Golddess is infused with memory.

She is fluid, dynamic;

each time she enters the public domain,

she embodies the collective memory.


Golddess _ Teaser _#1  _ 2017

Cappadocia _ Turkey 

3 : 50 min

video credits _ Romuald Jandolo

Golddess _ Teaser _#2  _ 2018


Baja California, Mexico

 3 : 50 min

video credits _ Amnon Friedman


In the first video-performance, Teaser #1, in 2017,

Golddess first appears on Anatolian territory,

in Cappadocia, Turkey, at the edge of Asia.

She emerges there, unnamed and purposeless,

in an environment devoid of human context.

In 2018, in Teaser #2,

Golddess crosses continents and oceans,

migrates towards a new territory,

the Mexican desert in Baja-California.

Seeking herself, she mutates and adapts

as she encounters new lands.


In each Teaser, she commences with a protection ritual, applying a camouflage of the flesh through layers of blue pigments. As Golddess transforms in real-time, she appears in her complete shape, protected from the human world. With the same protective pigment, she entrusts to the land traces of her passage, marks of her existence.


Protected by her armure and her camouflage, she’s testing her echo into a new ecosystem, she metamorphoses in contact with a new physical scale. As she adapts, her regalia changes, as new rituals and artefacts emerge. Golddess explores ancestral rites and conveys a contemporary version of those rites; a transmission offered up to the public to interpret at liberty.


Between 2017 and 2018, in performances,

called performance-appearances,

Golddess appeared time and time again in new territories, she was then confronted by the public and its infrastructure.

Before emerging, the Teasers are projected to the

public at the location of the performance,

like a presentation of Golddess,

teasing about her imminent arrival.


The first performance-appearance took place in Athens_Greece_2017, followed by Istanbul_Turkey_2017,

and Zabbar_Malta_2018. She was last seen crossing

the Bosphorus, moving from Asia to Europe,

on live stream in Örebro_Sweden_2019. 


After experiencing Golddess in the sentient public sphere,

spectators were offered a questionnaire by which they were given the freedom to define and to name Golddess, to imbue her with purpose into building her legend.

Golddess is a sheath, shrouding and experimenting systems of beliefs. The Legend of Golddess,  is a concept that explores the notions of representation and interpretation in our society’s History. Golddess will live in the collective memory for as long as her legend is empowered.

During the Covid-19 pandemic,

Golddess ceased to migrate, she has disappeared

but her mementos are resurfacing,

the legend continues …


ÖREBRO _ Sweden _ crossing the Bosphorus _ 09 . 06 . 2019

Live stream from istanbul_Turkey in Örebro_Sweden

for OPENART Biennial

video & photo credits _ Barbod Tavasoli _ Mert Teksöz

ZABBAR _ Malta _ 18 . 11 . 2018

Mahalla Festival _ Palazzo Zabbar

video credits _ Thomas Büsch  &  photo credits _ Alaa Hamameh

ISTANBUL _ Turkey _ 21 . 10 . 2017

Tomtom Tasarim sokakta Festival _ Tomtom Kirmizi

video & photo credits _ Berke Tasdelen _ Margaux Aubin

ATHENS _ Greece _ 13 . 06 . 2017

Visions-V_Ideas, Performances Festival _ Beton7

video & photo credits _ Romuald Jandolo